Lift off! Unfortunately I didn't discover the shift in the camera's mirror until shortly before launch and it was too late to fix.  That's why there is the dark section at the base of the image.

J350 leaving a decent shadow on the playa. Good solid and stable launch.

After some delay, one parachute finally deployed and the mirror flips back so we can take a look around from a half mile up (or so).  From the ground it looked like only the first chute (not the main) had opened.

The view was spectacular, however we were still waiting for the second chute.

At this point we know that something went wrong with the chute deployment.

So that's where the second chute ended up, they both had deployed (but not as scheduled) and the first chute has snagged on the booster.

It's interesting to see how far the booster section swung out, note the Aeronaut flight line below.

Everything recovered without any significant damage, ready to fly again.