We came, we flew, we ROCed 'em!

We were well centered to the event, a great location.

Schwa felt right at home.
Going for Level 1, using Vidroc 5 to capture the flight.

Clay Brothers' rocketry is born, here we attempt to mock the classic picture of bringing the rocket out to the pad.

Don't think anyone noticed.

Looks like the glue has dried on this fin...

Waiting our turn. That flag (donated by the Ratt Works folks) says "remove before flight". It worked perfectly.

Love that Redstone profile this rocket has!
A beautiful launch.  Here's the on board video at 1/2 speed and here's the ground footage.

Two chutes to the wind. Level 1 was in the bag.

Two brothers, one passion, zero budget.


Vidroc 1.6 and the "catch a flying rocket on video" project

Vidroc 1.6 with a G33 (left) and Big Kahuna with a G80 (right) prepare to dance in the sky.

V-1.6 did get a head start but wasn't fast enough. Click here for the video at 1/2 speed.
If you look closely at the start, you'll see BK going by. Here's the ground footage.

Big Kahuna happily returns.
Film at 11:00...
Nibbles the Astro Cat videos 

"Official" Nibbles web site

Note: All these videos require the DivX codec to play.

The moment of truth, there's no turning back, Nibbles is committed to the task as he's inserted into the large dangerous rocket ship. Well, this WAS LDRS, after all.
Nibbles was heard to say "Tilt me up and light this candle", but no one spoke feline so it took another 10 minutes. 
This is just the launch Jeanne recorded from the minimal safe distance.

To make this footage more dramatic, I've slowed the liftoff down by 50%


Split view of Nibbles (via the kitty-cam) and the launch (at full speed).  The signal goes out just as the rocket started to demonstrate an undesirable flight pattern.
Back on the ground (ready to use the litter box) - Nibbles is in good shape and none the worse for wear, but note the change in camera position and the sudden excess of wires in the cabin. Must have been a bumpy ride. 
Other videos from LDRS 20
SMILE simultaneous launch event.  

Smile (the rocket's name) carried 2 cameras, one looking forward, the other aft, to video record a bevy of other rockets that were launched just moments after lift-off.


See Toy Story (one)?  Remember that rocket that Sid wanted to fly Buzz with?  Well, here it is SUPER SIZED!  Beautiful launch and recovery.


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