Vidroc DMC jr. on a two stage Omega booster with the first stage a three motor cluster.  A single D12-0 for the main motor and 2 C6-3s for the boosters. Flown at the LUNAR May 18th launch in Livermore California.

Had to have the lovely Jeanne O'Lone pose with this bird because...well, it's not the most attractive rocket in the fleet. (at least not the camera section)

All 3 first stage motors ignite! 

Under thrust and heading into the wind

Staging begins, note boosters pulling away

Nice shot of the first stage falling away

First stage about to deploy its parachute

First Stage (off camera) ejection charges on the C6-3s blowing simultaneously.  The booster only had one chute and it opened so fast it broke the shock cord, regardless the first stage landed with minimal damage.

Nice view of Livermore from up here! Mission accomplished, let's head back. 

Here's the main ejection charge and chute deployment, unfortunately the chute popped a few shroud lines when it opened and the rocket spiraled in way too fast. (if you've watched the video, you know)

Here's a shot of the the rocket's shadow as it was coming down. Note the odd shape of the chute's shadow.

My only hope was to catch the rocket, here I am trying to position myself under the fast moving target. Note: Normally catching a descending rocket is not appropriate behavior, in cases like this it was necessary. 

Victory! This shadow shows I was successful. If I hadn't caught it, there was a good chance it would have landed too hard and possibly lost the video footage. 

You'd be smiling too! Time to go download the footage to the laptop.

Back on the ground, video downloaded to the laptop and ready for some minor repairs.