Rocket boys

Timmy Clay (nephew) prepares his Estes Quasar (that is MUCH older than him) for it's first flight in 20 odd years.

This was the first time were he did everything from packing the parachute to hooking up the igniter clips.


5, 4, 3, 2,1...and Timmy launches his Estes Quasar powered by the mighty A8-3.  

It was a beautiful picture perfect flight. 



Sure feels good to see the rocket come back gently by parachute.


Here Timmy launches Uncle Peter's Estes Mercury Redstone. 

Great looking kit.


Peter's Estes V2 kicking it up!


Peter's Phoenix flying with an Aerotech E15.

Sure flies a LOT better on an E15 than a D12.


Peter's Super Big Bertha on it's last flight in this configuration.

Yep, it crashed when it lost the parachute but the aft section was salvaged and continues to fly.