What we did on our summer vacation.

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Uber-Roc's view of the flight line from 2700' 

Same view from the ground? An oasis of HPR

Finally got there and the wind followed us in (note all the kites)

Peter offered up the first sacrifice to the playa

First Aeronaut parade float?

Lots of rockets to fly!

Paper work? Jeanne works the L1 red tape.

Ah, Little John's Lipstick is ready to go!

That's some hot lipstick

Let's light this candel!

Gumby waiting for launch

Back on the ground, good ol mother earth.

Gumby still smiling

What a nice trusty launch vehicle

Patriot DMC with R/C camera triggering system

Uber-Roc Redux ready to go

Uber-Roc blasts a new one into the playa